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This list serves to reflect all registered Democratic Candidates on the ballot in Orange County and is not an official endorsement. The winner of the Primary Races will go on to compete in the November 8th General Election. Sign up to vote by mail for the Primary Election before August 24 at Find your sample ballots on-line now by entering your address information under the precinct locator here: Download this information in MS WORD or PDF format.

Primary Election – August 30, 2016 rom 7 a.m. to 7 p.m

Key Dates:

Vote-by-mail ballots go out on July 26, 2016.
The last day to register to vote and/or update your party affiliation is August 1, 2016.
The last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot is August 24, 2016 by 5 p.m..
Early Voting runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, beginning on August 15, 2016 and ending on August 28, 2016. Click here for early voting locations.

This is our year to make progress happen in Orange County. Your Primary ballot holds even more power than your general election ballot, because, in many Districts, the Primary of the dominant Party in the District is a sure winner in the general election.

Different Districts have different candidates, depending on where you live and not all these races will be on every ballot. Please vote early or by mail! Please visit the Supervisor of Elections’ web site ( to get the most up-to-date information or call to get a ballot in the mail. It is free this year to mail in as postage is paid. Supervisor of Elections – (407) 836-2070,

Orange County Democratic Candidates – August 30, 2016 Election

Local Orange County Races

County Commission District 1
Nuren Haider – – DEMOCRAT

County Commission District 3
Bill Moore –  – DEMOCRAT

County Commission District 5  – Choose One
Emily Bonilla –  – DEMOCRAT
Gregory Eisenberg –  – DEMOCRAT

Comptroller – Choose One
Phil Diamond –  – DEMOCRAT
Keith Landry –  – DEMOCRAT

Orange County School Board

School Board District 4
Michele Wilmot –   – DEMOCRAT

School Board District 5  – Choose One
Kat Gordon –  – DEMOCRAT
Mike Scott –  – DEMOCRAT

School Board District 6
Nancy Robbinson –  – DEMOCRAT

School Board District 7  – Choose One
Isadora Dean –  – DEMOCRAT
Laura Rounds  – DEMOCRAT

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to authorize the Legislature, by general law,
to exempt from ad valorem taxation the assessed value of solar or renewable energy source
devices subject to tangible personal property tax, and to authorize the Legislature, by general
law, to prohibit consideration of such devices in assessing the value of real property for ad
valorem taxation purposes. This amendment takes effect January 1, 2018, and expires on
December 31, 2037.


Florida State Races

State Attorney  – Choose One
Jeffrey Ashton –
Aramis Ayala –

State Senate 11 – Choose One
Randolph Bracy –
Chuck O’Neal –
Bob Sindler –
Gary Siplin –

Senate District 13 – Choose One
Mike Clelland –
Judge “Rick” Roach –
Linda Stewart –

Senate District 15 – Choose One
Bob Healy –
Victor Torres –

State House 45 – Choose One
Kamia Brown –
Kelvin Cobaris –
Gregory Jackson –
William Jusme –
Peter Pham –

State House 46 – Choose One
Bruce Antone –
Sheena Meade –

State House 47 – Choose One
Clinton Curtis –
Henry Lim –
Beth Tuura –

State House 48 – Choose One
Alex Barrio –
Amy Mercado  –

Federal Races

US Senate – Choose One
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente –
Alan Grayson –
Pam Keith –
Reginald Luster –
Patrick Murphy –

US Congressional District 9 – Choose One
Valerie Crabtree –
Dena Grayson –
Susannah Randolph –
Darren Soto –

US Congressional District 10 – Choose One
Val Demings –
Fatima Rita Fahmy –
Bob Poe –
Geraldine Thompson –

DRAFT – Orange County Democratic Candidates – November 8, 2016 General Election

General Election – November 8, 2016

Key Dates:

General Election vote-by-mail ballots  go out on October 4, 2016.
The last day to register to vote is October 11, 2016.
The last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot is November 2, 2016 by 5 p.m..
Early Voting runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, beginning on October 24, 2016 and ending on November 6, 2016.

Local Orange County Races – Only if there are no candidates with greater than 50% of the vote on August 30

County Commission District 1  – TBD
County Commission District 3  – TBD
County Commission District 5  – TBD

Clerk of Courts
Tiffany Moore Russell –  – DEMOCRAT

Jerry Demings –  – DEMOCRAT

Property Appraiser
Rick Singh –  – DEMOCRAT

Tax Collector
Scott Randolph –  – DEMOCRAT

Supervisor of Elections
Bill Cowles  – DEMOCRAT

Orange County School Board

School Board District 4
School Board District 5 
School Board District 6
School Board District 7  

Orange County Soil and Water Board

Soil and Water District 1  – Choose One
Michael Barber –  – DEMOCRAT
Maria G. Bolton-Joubert  –  – DEMOCRAT
Star Grayson  – DEMOCRAT

Soil and Water District 3
Nicole Victoria McLaren  – DEMOCRAT

Soil and Water District 5  – Choose One
Steven Laune Beumer  – DEMOCRAT
Richard-Paul Danner  – DEMOCRAT

Florida State Races

State Senate 11 – TBD
Senate District 13 – TBD
Senate District 15 – TBD

State House 30
Ryan Yadav –

State House 31

State House 44

State House 45 – TBD
State House 46 – TBD
State House 47  – TBD
State House 48  – TBD

State House 49
Carlos Smith –

State House 50 
Sean Ashby –

Federal Races

US Senate – TBD

US Congressional District 7
Stephanie Murphy –

US Congressional District 8
Corry Westbrook –

US Congressional District 9  – TBD
US Congressional District 10 – TBD

Constitutional Amendments – TBA
NO. 1
Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice
This amendment establishes a right under Florida’s constitution for consumers to own or lease
solar equipment installed on their property to generate electricity for their own use. State and
local governments shall retain their abilities to protect consumer rights and public health,
safety and welfare, and to ensure that consumers who do not choose to install solar are not
required to subsidize the costs of backup power and electric grid access to those who do.
The amendment is not expected to result in an increase or decrease in any revenues or costs to
state and local government.


NO. 2
Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions
Allows medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating medical conditions as
determined by a licensed Florida physician. Allows caregivers to assist patients’ medical use of
marijuana. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and
distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and
caregivers. Applies only to Florida law. Does not immunize violations of federal law or any nonmedical
use, possession or production of marijuana.
Increased costs from this amendment to state and local governments cannot be determined.
There will be additional regulatory costs and enforcement activities associated with the
production, sale, use and possession of medical marijuana. Fees may offset some of the
regulatory costs. Sales tax will likely apply to most purchases, resulting in a substantial increase
in state and local government revenues that cannot be determined precisely. The impact on
property tax revenues cannot be determined.


Charter Amendments – TBA

More info –
Political advertisement paid for and approved by the Orange County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 1648, Orlando, FL 32802-1648


Orange County Democratic Voter Guide – Primary/Local Elections August 30, 2016
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